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CNCS offers a set of courses in e-learning format, the so-called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), which allow any citizen to acquire skills in cybersecurity, free of charge. These courses, available on the NAU platform, cover various topics, such as the main threats in cyberspace, the care to be taken when using technologies, the problem of misinformation or what to do to consume online safely, among others. Check them out and take the one that interests you most, or better still, take them all! You will see that it makes your online surfing much safer.

Cybersafe Citizen

The Cybersafe Citizen is a short, simple and accessible e-learning course for the general citizen/employee, aimed at providing them with the knowledge to protect themselves and adopt good cyber hygiene practices in different daily contexts, including in the workplace.


Cyber-informed Citizen

The e-learning course Cyber-informed Citizen is intended for any citizen who wants to learn how to identify false news and to check the veracity of the information consulted online, avoiding the sharing of misinformation and contributing to a truly democratic cyberspace.


Cybersafe Consumer

Through the e-learning course Cybersafe Consumer the trainees will be able to obtain knowledge that will allow them to protect themselves and to adopt good practices when shopping online, more effectively avoiding fraud and theft of credit card credentials, for example. With this course, everyone will be able to shop online more safely.


Cybersocial Citizen

The e-learning course Cybersocial Citizen is an initiative of the Centre for Internet Security, coordinated by the National Cyber Security Centre. It is an interactive course that seeks to be appealing for all people who want to know how to use social networks in a safer way and protecting their privacy.

Last updated on 08-02-2023