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The activities related to the planning and execution of the National CyberSecurity Exercise (ExNCS) are part of the organic competences of CNCS to promote and ensure articulation and cooperation among the various national actors and responsible persons in the area of cybersecurity and to develop the national capacities for prevention, monitoring, detection, reaction, analysis and correction to face cybersecurity incidents and cyberattacks. CNCS thus promotes the planning and execution of the ExNCS, which is assigned a theme according to its current relevance and prevention needs. With these activities, the aim is to promote the training and qualification of entities in the cybersecurity area for the prevention and reaction to cybersecurity incidents, and the formation of a knowledge community and a cybersecurity culture.

CNCS also participates in the planning of the Cyber Europe exercise, which, like the ExNCS, simulates incident scenarios in real time and serves to assess Member States' preparedness and cooperation regarding the security of networks and information systems. The Cyber Europe exercise cycle is coordinated by ENISA and serves to test and participate in making recommendations on how to evolve incident handling between Member States.
Last updated on 09-02-2023