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Do you know the term fake news? Do you know what are they? The Cyber-informed Citizen course will help you understand better this and other concepts.

With the Cyber-informed Citizen course you will learn some tips that will allow you, for example, to identify the veracity of  news or other type of information published online.


The Cyber-informed Citizen course is a short course (duration of approximately 3 hours), free of charge, aimed at all citizens that consult online information and interested in the topic and the learner can take this course at any time of the day, at his own pace.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what fake news are, how they emerged and how they spread;
  • Understand the importance of fighting fake news and how to do it;
  • Verify the veracity of an online news or information;
  • Understand why we should believe in journalism and not stop consuming information online.

After completing all modules of the course “Cyber-informed Citizen”, participants can download the respective Certificate of Completion. For this, it will only be required to answer all the activities with a minimum percentage of 75% of correct answers.

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Last updated on 15-07-2022