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The Portuguese CSIRT's Network (RNCSIRT) was created in January 2008 and is a forum of excellence for sharing operational information.

Currently, the RNCSIRT contains over forty entities from various sectors of society, meeting on a quarterly basis.  


  • Establish bonds of trust between elements responsible for IT security in order to create an environment of cooperation and mutual assistance in handling incidents and sharing good security practices;  
  • Create indicators and national statistical information on security incidents with a view to better identifying proactive and reactive counter-measures;  
  • Create the necessary tools for prevention and rapid response in a large scale incident scenario;
  • Promote a security culture in Portugal.   

Services available to Members:

  • Directory service  
  • Security incidents coordination
  • Technical forum
  • Security workshops
  • Security alerts
  • Statistical information and indicators  

More information on the Portuguese CSIRT's Network can be found at:  

Last updated on 07-09-2022