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What is the C-HUB?

The C-HUB: Cybersecurity DIH – Cybersecurity Digital Innovation Hub was recognised by the Portuguese Office of the Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition as a DIH on the 25th June 2021.

The C-HUB will be a European reference for a neutral, fast and secure support to Public Administration and the private sector, in particular the local small and medium enterprises (SME), and small mid-caps, in the implementation of digital transformation processes.

C-HUB Mission

“A Cybersecurity Digital Innovation Hub to respond to the digital transformation challenges"

The C-HUB was created to foster research and development, introduce Cybersecurity innovation in the digital transformation processes, supporting in this manner SMEs and Public Administration entities in their path to become more cyber resilient and cyber mature.

In this sense, C-HUB aims to aggregate the services provided by the partners, complementing the offer of each one in a set of new services available and increase its geographical coverage, responding in an integrated and multidisciplinary way to the needs of SMEs and Public Administration.

It aims to provide the following services:

  • experimentation and demonstration activities;
  • prototyping;
  • certification;
  • and technology transfer in cybersecurity.

These activities will essentially focus on areas such as incident response, intrusion detection, social engineering, industrial control systems, IoT, communication systems and networks, distributed and decentralised systems, encryption protocols, computer forensics and blockchain.

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Last updated on 08-05-2023