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C-DAYS is the leading event in cybersecurity at a national level. It was created in 2015 and it mainly focuses on key issues that are directly or indirectly connected to cyberspace security.

This event stands as a privileged forum for discussing all these issues from a strategic, operational, and technical point of view. To that end, it relies on a strong commitment from the national and international cybersecurity community at the State level, but also from industry, academia, and civil society.

Over the past few years, C-DAYS has established itself as a reference for raising awareness and sharing visions and practices on cybersecurity matters. In order to continue to give voice to those issues, C-DAYS was designed to respond to and share knowledge, debates, trends, and opportunities in cybersecurity among the thousands of people who have followed us throughout the years and actively contributed to consolidating this initiative.

To that end, we intend to promote the debate of several issues that arise from the fact that Cybersecurity is a cross-cutting issue in society today.


 C-DAYS 2022 - Investing in Prevention


C-DAYS 2021 – Making Skills Natural


C-DAYS 2020 – Embracing the Future

1618848107.jpg C-DAYS 2019 – CyberSecurity in SMEs
1618848084.jpg C-DAYS 2018 – Inclusive Security Inovation
1618848068.jpg C-DAYS 2017 – Let's shape the future according to digital challenges

C-DAYS 2016 – The state of the art in cybersecurity


 C-DAYS 2015 – Strengthening ties and fostering institutional and business relationships

Last updated on 17-01-2023