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Are you careful when using social media? Do you know the main risks that you find on this type of platform? Are you aware of the precautions you should take to reduce these risks when using social networks? The Cybersocial Citizen course helps you to recognise the risks and take more care for a more conscious use of social networks.

The Portuguese NCSC has developed the "Cybersocial Citizen" course with the purpose of teaching the best practices in the use of social networks.


The use of social networks has increased sharply in recent years, but this use carries some risks. It is necessary to improve the cyber security of accounts and help guarantee users' privacy.

This course provides a better understanding of social networks and their risks, as well as best practices to mitigate those risks. It is an interactive course, which seeks to be appealing to all people who use social networks or want to know more about this world.

While recognising the advantages of this type of platform, this course alerts to the care that should be applied in its use, raising awareness of the best choices and avoiding unnecessary exposure to some threats that take advantage of social networks to proliferate.

This course is intended for all citizens who use social networks and are interested in knowing how to keep their accounts secure and understand how their data may be exposed.

The course is designed for and recommended for teenagers from the age of 14.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know the main types of social networks;
  • Identify the most common risks in each type of social network;
  • Apply the best security and privacy practices when using social networks.

After the conclusion of all the modules of the “Cybersocial Citizen” course, the participants can download the respective Certificate of Completion. It will only be required to answer all the activities with a minimum percentage of 75% of correct answers.

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Last updated on 15-07-2022