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Do you shop online? Would you like to, but don't know how? The Cybersafe Consumer course provides you with some tools to shop online in a clear and safe way.

Did you know that 50% of Portuguese people shop online? And that although 67% of Portuguese companies have a website, most of the Portuguese online purchases are from companies in the Asian market and their biggest concerns when shopping online are the misuse of their personal data and the security of the online payment methods?


With the Cybersafe Consumer course, you will learn essential tips to enable you to identify if an online shopping website is safe, what is the most appropriate means of payment for a particular situation or what are your rights as a customer (in the European Union).

This short course has an approximate workload of only 4 hours and is intended for all citizens who make or want to make online purchases safely. The aim is not only to warn against the dangers of online shopping, but also to share knowledge and tips that help citizens to verify if they are following the safest practices when shopping online.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Choose a safe and trustworthy online shopping website;
  • Choose a secure means of payment for online shopping;
  • Identify signs of fraud in online sales;
  • Know who to report in case of fraud in online shopping;
  • Knowing the European rights of the online consumer.

After the completion of all modules of the “Cybersafe Consumer” course, participants can download the respective Certificate of Completion. For this, it will only be required to answer all the activities with a minimum percentage of 75% of correct answers.

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Last updated on 15-07-2022