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The Public Administration
is a fundamental piece
in the country's cybersecurity

Not only because it should set an example to other organisations, but also because it provides services which are very important to the functioning of society, the Public Administration (and its cyber security) affects all citizens, directly or indirectly. For this reason, the CNCS provides a set of resources that seek to help Public Administration bodies and services achieve maturity in cyber security. On this page, you will find everything from benchmarks to laws, as well as advice on best practices.

Raising Awareness and Training

In this section, you will find the awareness contents that CNCS develops, such as e-learning courses. You can also have access to the Train the Trainers programme, which consists in the validation of trainers capable of developing awareness-raising actions on Cyber Security.

Benchmarks and Good Practices

Behaviour and care in the use of information technologies are central aspects in cyber security. In this section, you will find documents and benchmarks that guide and raise awareness among organisations and users about the good practices that should be adopted in this matter. These contents include benchmarks, roadmaps, posters, documents, podcasts, tutorials and articles, aimed at the community served by the CNCS.

Situational Awareness

In order to plan and act to ensure the most appropriate levels of cyber security it is necessary to understand the position we are in, what our capabilities are and the threats and vulnerabilities that persist. This is the only way to conduct risk analysis or to empower the people and organisations that require the most investment. On this page, you will find the CNCS initiatives that seek to identify, produce, and disseminate this situational knowledge. Please consult the documentation and information provided and inform your stakeholders in order to empower the people you live and work with, as well as your organisation, to be more aware of the current state of cyber security.

Incident Response

In this section, you will find all the information you need to understand the scope of CERT.PT's work, how to report Cyber security incidents, the Taxonomy used for classifying incidents, how to share sensitive information (TLP) and also read the guide on how to build Minimum Incident Response Capabilities. You can also check the Security Alerts issued by CERT.PT (including mitigation measures) and find out what National and International Networks (e.g. NoMoreRansom) CERT.PT is part of.


In this section you will find national and European Union legislation and regulations aimed at ensuring a common level of security of network and information systems


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