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Cybersecurity Competecies Framework

The Portuguese National Cybersecurity Centre (CNCS) provides a Cybersecurity Competencies Framework aimed at all those interested in the training and hiring of professionals, among other areas where the identification of cybersecurity skills is important.

Within the scope of its mission, and taking into account Law No. 46/2018, of 13 August, which establishes the Legal Framework for Cyberspace Security, and the National Strategy for Cyberspace Security 2019-20231, the CNCS verified the need to identify and map skills and capabilities required in the area of cybersecurity.  

This document aims to respond to this need, presenting a set of reference knowledge required to fulfil cybersecurity roles and tasks

Not to be read in a closed manner, this Reference Tool intends to support the development of the cyber security sector in its different areas, also contributing to the definition and formulation of public policies in this field.

You can find below the documentation that makes up this Cybersecurity Competencies Framework Toolkit: 1) a Presentation of the purposes, structure and application methodology; 2) the framework of Skills and Knowledge defined and articulated; 3) a mapping with the National Reference Framework for Cybersecurity; 4) a mapping with the Minimum Cybersecurity Capabilities Roadmap; and 5) a mapping with the ECSO.

1. Introduction

2. Competencies and Knowledge

3. Mapping with NRFCS

4. Mapping with the Roadmap

5. Mapping with ECSO
Last updated on 14-03-2023