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The initiative "Cyber Security Challenge PT" results from a close cooperation between the National Cyber Security Centre and partners from education, academia, and the cyber security community. This initiative also counts on the partnership of the Centre for Internet Security Consortium.

This initiative is part of the Education axis of the INCoDe.2030 programme, which aims to train and educate the population's youngest age groups by stimulating and reinforcing digital literacy and digital skills in all education levels and lifelong learning. Thus, the initiative aims to identify young national talents and promote a professional career in the area of Cyber Security.

Every year, the "Cyber Security Challenge PT" promotes a "Capture The Flag" (CTF) competition, where participants test their skills in the various areas of computer security, allowing the development of collaboration and networking processes, leading to individual growth by solving complex challenges.

This competition also aims to select the student team, which represents Portugal in the "European Cyber Security Challenge" and other international competitions.

This year, the CTF competition of the Cyber Security Challenge PT, took place as part of the C-Days conference.

Last updated on 19-07-2022