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The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre Consortium is now coordinated by the National Cyber Security Centre (CNCS). This Consortium, which was set up in the scope of the application for the 2020 CEF Telecom - Safer Internet, part of the European Commission's Connecting Europe Facility, also involves the Directorate-General for Education of the Ministry of Education, the Foundation for Science and Technology, the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth, APAV - the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, the Altice Foundation, and Microsoft Portugal.

The mission of the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre  is to promote a responsible, aware, and sound use of the Internet. To do so, it offers three services aimed at raising the population's awareness, providing clarification and support, and reporting illegal content. At a national level, these objectives are divided into two awareness centres: one operated by the CIS, aimed at the general public, and a second one run by the Directorate-General for Education, aimed at the school community - SeguraNet.

Also as part of its mission, the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre  offers a free and confidential channel, called Linha Internet Segura (Safer Internet Line), which aims to support and provide information on safe Internet use, as well as a channel for reporting illegal online content, namely child sexual abuse content, incitement to racism, and incitement to violence.

Over more than 10 years, the number of initiatives and resources has grown, along with the number of local and national partnerships that have been established. Part of this success is due to the support of the Monitoring Board, a team of experts and professionals in different areas who have contributed to guiding and promoting this project throughout the country.

The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre is also in charge of celebrating and promoting activities every year to mark Safer Internet Day, under the theme “Together for a Better Internet”, a European event celebrated by more than 100 Committees around the world.

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CIS – Awareness Centre

The CIS – Awareness Centre, coordinated by the CNCS, seeks to raise awareness among the population about the opportunities and risks of Internet use. It focuses on identifying and addressing emerging risks (e.g., self-production of sexual content) and the challenges that the use of technologies brings to the mental and physical health of users (e.g., excessive use of the Internet, perception, and self-image).


The CIS is responsible for creating and promoting information and awareness campaigns, as well as tools and resources that enhance the necessary digital skills so that citizens can make the most of the Internet, surf safely, and leverage their digital citizenship.

Over the years, being attentive to user needs and emerging themes, the CIS has developed and launched resources in several formats, ranging from a simple booklet or poster to educational manuals and series with translation into Portuguese Sign Language and audio-description, making them increasingly inclusive. Attuned to youth reality, whenever possible the CIS opts for a participatory approach, that is, it directly involves children and young people in the creation and design of its resources, allowing them to express their perspectives and knowledge regarding their online experience.

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Last updated on 05-01-2023