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PANORAMA gathers and processes cybersecurity information received from several national and international sources, in order to produce dashboards and reports that reflect the current state of cybersecurity in portuguese cyberspace of national interest in real time, of every activity sector and of every individual organisation.

The reports include an evaluation of the reality external to the entities, namely a characterisation of the attack surface and the social tension indexes experienced by the organisation, as well as an assessment of the factors that determine the degree of preparedness, the diligence in responding to incidents or the compliance with the security instructions and technical recommendations published by CNCS .

By correlating the information received from the various entities connected thereto, the PANORAMA dashboards enable CNCS to contribute to the definition of a national alert status and issue targeted early warnings, thus improving the effectiveness of incident response coordination.

This service is aimed at operators of essential services, critical infrastructures and ICT bodies of the Public Administration.


Last updated on 30-01-2023