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To provide sponecialised technical support in the various fields of incident analysis, when required at the requester's premises.

Target Public  

The CNCS provides on-site support in incident analysis involving the following communities: 

  • Public Administration;  
  • Operators of National Critical Infrastructures;  
  • Operators of Essential Services;  
  • Digital Service Providers;  

Service Description  

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Likewise, the incidents that result from them are increasingly difficult to analyse, often requiring expertise that does not exist within the organisations.  

Some entities do not have the necessary capabilities to conduct complex forensic investigations arising from cyber-attacks. In an attempt to fill this need, NCSC has a set of specialised tools and technicians experienced in analysing artefacts within the context of incident management, which may be requested in serious situations.  

On-site support provides assistance, at the requester's premises, of NCSC specialised technicians for analysis and response to cybersecurity incidents.  

Depending on the specific needs, this support may include, among others:  

  • Malware analysis;  
  • Forensic analysis of machines or hardware;  
  • Traffic analysis;  
  • Liaison with other national or international CSIRTs;  
  • Production of recommendations;  
  • Support in the implementation of mitigation and resolution measures.  
  • The CNCS does not carry out mitigation or resolution measures. This is the responsibility of each of the intervening entities.  

How to request this service?

The request for on-site support is made by sending an e-mail to, containing detailed information about the incident.  

To share sensitive information, CERT.PT ( advises the use of our PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key, available here.  

Last updated on 15-07-2022