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Improve the general effectiveness of the reaction to cyber security incidents in Portugal, facilitating the sharing of relevant information, coordinating mitigation and resolution actions among the various entities involved and liaising with the remaining national and international authorities.  

Target Public  

Through its CERT.PT service, the National Cyber Security Centre coordinates the response to cyber security incidents involving the following communities:  

  • Public Administration;  
  • Operators of National Critical Infrastructures; 
  • Operators of Essential Services; 
  • Digital Service Providers;  
  • National Cyberspace;  

Service Description  

The complexity and transnationality of a good number of cyber security incidents require an aggregated vision and coordinated action between the various entities involved.  

Incident response coordination includes:  

  • The triage of incident notifications and the technical and forensic analysis thereof;  
  • The liaison with national and international entities involved;  
  • The production of recommendations for mitigation and/or resolution of the incident;  
  • The coordination of the response to incidents may start at the CNCS's initiative, for example in a large-scale incident situation, or be requested through the channels designated for this purpose. In case of need or force majeure, the CNCS coordinates its actions with the other national authorities.  

The CNCS does not execute the mitigation or resolution measures referred to above. This is the responsibility of each of the intervening entities. intervenientes. 

How to request this service?  

Incident notification must be made by sending an incident notification, through one of the following means:  

  • The form available in Incident Notification;
  • E-mail message to, with detailed information about it; 
    • To share sensitive information, CERT.PT ( advises the use of our PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key, available here. 
  • In case of emergency, please call us on our telephone number (+351) 210 497 399.  
Last updated on 26-09-2022