Report incident

Incident Reporting

The notification of incidents to the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Centre does not replace the communication to the competent judicial authority or criminal police bodies whenever those incidents are also a crime if the respective criminal proceeding depend of complaint or private accusation.

Select the type of incident that occurred.

  • Infection of one or several systems with a certain type of malware.

  • a) Disruption of systems and network capacity of processing and response in order to render them inoperative.

    b) Damaged system, interrupted process, changed or deleted information, etc.

  • a) Active and passive collection of system and network information.

    b) Unauthorized reading or monitoring of network traffic.

    c) Attempt to collect information about user or system through phishing methods.

  • a) Effective intrusion exploiting a vulnerability in a system, component or network.

    b) Effective intrusion into a system, component or network through the commitment of a user or administrator account.

  • a) Attempted intrusion exploiting a vulnerability in a system, component or network.

    b) Attempt to login to services or authentication mechanisms / access controls.

  • a) Unauthorized access to a particular set of information.

    b) Unauthorized change or elimination of a given set of information.

  • a) Use of resources of the institution for purposes other than those for which they were assigned for.

    b) Use of the institution name without permission.

  • a) Send SPAM messages.

    b) Distribute or share of information / content protected by copyright.

    c) Dissemination of contents prohibited by law.

  • a) Weak crypto.

    b) DDoS amplifier.

    c) Potentially unwanted accessible services.

    d) Information disclosure.

    e) Vulnerable system.

  • Another type of unspecified incident