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CSIRT Capability Building


To improve the national capability to respond to cyber incidents through the creation of new CSIRTs and the development of capabilities that already exist.


The service for capability building of CSIRTs is available to:

  • State entities;
  • Operators of national Critical Infrastructures;
  • Operators of Essential Services and Digital Service Providers.

Service description

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. The resilience of Portugal in the prevention, detection and reaction to cyberattacks is at the level of the less prepared actor. This being said, it is imperative to raise the preparation level and the awareness of all state entities and operators of critical infrastructures beyond the necessary minimum.
For this purpose, the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Centre promotes and develops a set of activities towards the capability building of CSIRTs at a national level, namely:

• Training actions for technicians and decision makers operating or that intend to operate a CSIRT;
• Coordinating national cybersecurity exercises and promoting the Portuguese participation in international cybersecurity exercises;
• Definition of a minimum set of technical, operational and human capacities for a CSIRT – Reaction Maturity Model;
• Dissemination of best practices for the management of cybersecurity incidents;
• Advice for the creation of a new CSIRT.

How to request the service?

The support requests for the development of incident reaction capability and for the creation of a CSIRT, can be directly addressed to the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Centre or through e-mail sent to, grounding the request.