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The Portuguese National Cybersecurity Centre promotes the dissemination of technical, tactical and strategical knowledge on cybersecurity, necessary for the secure functioning of state entities, Operators of Essential Services and Digital Service Providers, and also of substantiated perspectives of action for the implementation of cybersecurity measures.

In the short term, the Centre intends to provide tools for risk mitigation, prevention and response to incidents, crisis management and business continuity.

In the medium and long terms, the Centre intends to present public reports on the activity developed to that point in time to improve the best practices in cybersecurity.

The Portuguese National Cybersecurity, operating as the specialized cybersecurity authority that promotes the development and application of measures towards the human and technological capability building of public and critical infrastructures, with the objective of preventing and reacting to cybersecurity incidents, ensures the assistance of entities in the following aspects:

• Review of cybersecurity policies;
• Recommendations for the capability building of CSIRTs;
• Recommendations for carrying out internal cybersecurity audits;
• Promotion of training and awareness actions.